Drone remote control over the internet

Turn your drones remote-ready over the internet

Remote pilot and Onsite operator are able to verbally communicate during the remote drone flight


Monitor your mission from anywhere

Improve your operational efficiency with our powerful livestream feature. Monitor your flight from anywhere in the world with our Livestream app

Video Feed and Voice Transmission

Our software provides live video feed and voice transmission from the drone to the operator, allowing you to monitor the mission and communicate with the on-site operator in real-time all within one application.

Livestream software

Real-time Low Latency Data Transmission

Our software provides live feed with low latency, allowing you to make real-time decisions and feedback to on-site operator in a timely matter using only a mobile device with internet connection.

Livestream software

Flight Log

You fly, we record. Your ultimate Flight Log

Flight Log by DWS is your go-to app for hassle-free and efficient drone flight logging!

Aerial flight with our mobile app to record and upload flight log automatically.


Managing your aerial assets on cloud.

DWS is packed with a variety of features to help manage your drone operations.

Uploading and managing aerial videos with metadata is a breeze with our simple interface.

Operate your drones safely with ease

DWS provides edge & cloud tools to manage your drone operations safely with ease. (coming soon)


Share FPV view with your team

Your drone is able to video stream on DWS and you can view it on the mobile app and dashboard


Control your drones from a remote location over the Internet

Your remote team can control your drone from the mobile app and dashboard over the Internet


Creating and managing flight plans

Create flight plans and fetch them through our dashboard. Manage automatic flight and set up geo-fencing for safety

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